Case Josephine hoax or jar of wine of the century?

Some of the corpses Mitterrand move again. Fifteen years after the fact, the case “Josephine” (1) has just made an unexpected return to the judicial arena. On Monday afternoon, Bernard Pichon, a member of the PS, honorable correspondent of the DGSE (intelligence services), formerly of François de Grossouvre (special advisor to François Mitterrand at the Elysee), came to empty his bag before the first chamber the civil high court of Paris.

Compromising file. At the bar, he explained how he was appointed in September 1983 to clarify a murky history. “France, financially desperate, had been forced to borrow on the parallel market. Saudi Arabia has therefore lent 25 billion in private. “This is the first part of the Josephine case, the second consisting of the redistribution of kickbacks to senior socialist dignitaries of the time. “2.5 billion were diluted in nature,” says Bernard Pichon. A world record of bribes. And if the case eventually became public, he said, is because “intermediaries have been harmed.”

These, combined with a trust based in the Cayman Islands have since stopped attacking the French brokers who have kept all the loot for them. They began circulating a compromising file, sent to Matignon, the investigating judge Thierry Jean-Pierre, the writer Jean Montaldo, who is widely reported in his book Mitterrand and the Forty Thieves.

Curiously, the French justice has never really settled the issue of history: is it the biggest transgression organized under the presidency of François Mitterrand, or a mounted folder entirely by crooks who try to blackmail the French government? Crédit Lyonnais, believed to have been the leader of the operation Josephine, has long made the round back before waking up in March 1998, citing an interview with Jean Montaldo the weekly Point, that the fire headquarters of the bank had conveniently disappeared from the Josephine case archives, Lyonnais filed a complaint for defamation to “lance the boil.” That’s what happened Monday and we were not disappointed.

“Rocambolesque”. Lyonnais reiterated in more veiled terms, these words of an officer of the bank: “The Josephine record stinks false to 250 km; this is the kind of document-based telex Photocopying than send regular cans boxes to banks to claim their imaginary commissions. “The bank is going to deny that Saudi Arabia could pay such money to the French State without a trace. Jacques Delors, minister of the economy at the time, told us that he has “never heard of this incredible deal.”

Opposite Bernard Pichon, called as a witness by Montaldo, has not dismantled. He reiterated all his words in an interview published yesterday by France Soir. In 1983, Pichon had investigated six months Josephine case and again the path of occult funds: the Huffman bank, based in the United States, the City Corp. and Credit Lyonnais in London, Paribas Luxembourg, Switzerland and finally Lebanon with a Christian faction. At the hearing, Pichon tried to wave a document confirming the principle of the first kickback of $ 700 million that was distributed Hervé of Choue of the Mettrie, Global Head of Credit Lyonnais, and Michel Delebarre, then head cabinet Pierre Mauroy at Matignon. Yesterday, Mayor of Dunkirk did not wish to respond to this challenge.

A role for Dumas. Single libel, Monday’s hearing will not end the matter Josephine: that’s why Bernard Pichon claims he would like to be heard by an investigating judge to give him, among other a statement wiretapping that would demonstrate the key role played at the time by Roland Dumas. Asked yesterday on LCI, the president of the Constitutional Council swept these accusations out of hand, citing an “advertising” campaign intended to boost sales of the book Montaldo.

Pichon said still close to the Socialists, although he resigned at the Elysee just after the conclusion of its investigation. He stressed that none of his friends, the PS or the DGSE did dissuade from speaking openly. The sign, he said, a large unpacking desired in high places. In contrast, the Lyon recalled that a summit meeting devoted to Josephine case has already taken place in 1984 at Matignon around Michel Delebarre, officials of the bank, the Treasury, and the DST have concluded a hoax.

Pichon, he argues that his report was presented to the entourage of Francois Mitterrand: President suspected a dirty trick up his back by Maronites. To confuse further the tracks, we do not really know who ordered the damn report Grossouvre, or Christian Goux, chairman of the Finance Committee in the Assembly? Elysée the reporter recognizes that the command is coming from an “unusual” channel.

Meeting in Gordes. French justice has ultimate up session. The judge Martine Bernard education, already in charge of the fire Crédit Lyonnais, has just given a piece of Josephine case: an anonymous note telling a meeting that was held in Gordes (Vaucluse), in October 1993 between some tenors Socialists close to Mitterrand, whose purpose was to share a commission of 22 million francs, a hangover from the Josephine case. This note, questionable (those named say all surprised to be invited to such a wedding), was nevertheless considered sufficiently troublesome to warrant a preliminary investigation and a criminal investigation. Maybe we will finally it comes to bacon or pork.

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